When will you be choosing a winner for the give away? ^-^ I love your blog btw

I know I was meant to do it yesterday but I was at work until 10:30 pm ew 

right now I’m organising my room

maybe in like 4 hours? It will either be late tonight or early tomorrow morning (my time, perth australia„ idk what timezone that is lol sorry)

in light of what Miley has done at the vmas this year so many people I know are just rolling their eyes and saying it was a publicity stunt

like, seriously???

even if it is just a publicity stunt at least she’s benefitting and helping others. that’s more than you sorry ass has ever done and probably will ever do. 

if she wanted publicity I can think of a hundred other things that would have worked as well.

Had the lady at the servo asking me why she was selling so much ice lately… #alsicebucketchallenge #nippynoodles


"Saul" - Armando BravoMéxico

It’s ok for you to hate me
For all the things I’ve done


Wet Parking Lot by AH in Pgh on Flickr.


what a bunch of a-holes

Paris in black and white


i think i am officially part of a cult. 



Welcome to my very last minute September blog of the month

r u l e s
  • must follow me sorry
  • be a friendly and cool individual
  • reblog this post - likes don’t count
  • wow really that’s all… idc what style blog you have
w h a t   i m   l o o k i n g    f o r
  • cool posts (idk like fandom, poetry, photography, hella cute selfies, whatever floats your boat)
  • orginality is cool, you don’t have to have a cliche blog
  • really that’s it??
w i n n e r s
  • winners announced on september 1st
  • one winner and one or two runner ups, depending on how many blogs enter
  • winner gets a promo upon announcment, spot on my blog for a month and also 1 promo a week
  • runner up(s) get a promo upon announcement and a 2 promos throughout the month. also a spot on my blog
  • promos go out to 6.6k so you will gain followers and friends yay
I am the blood of the dragon , she reminded herself, and the dragon knows no fear.


Benedict Cumberbatch wearing glasses, requested by retrospectav

special thank you to benedictervention

(taken from Creation, Inseparable, Sherlock, Stuart a life Backwards, Hawking)

Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating.